Plan of Action

The Plan of Action


Aid Watch has three main objectives:

  1. To help the public, the decision-makers and the donors, or even the NGOs themselves, to find their way in the humanitarian sphere.
  2. To make everyone aware of the issues linked to the implementation of aid in a situation of crisis; to show the difficulties; to underline the complexity of the problems involved; to take the discussions out of the sole arena of professionals, into the larger public through the media.
  3. To question the feasibility of evaluation and the ethical rating of aid agencies.

    An essential task of Aid Watch consists in collecting the information, analysing it, and having it checked by NGOs. The results expected are of two different kinds: setting up a database published as a directory on the one hand, and developing thematic studies on the other hand. The first part of the research focus on humanitarian actors; the second is centred on transversal issues or country case studies.

    Aid Watch publishes its directory both in French and in English for decision-makers, experts, humanitarian workers, researchers, journalists and concerned citizens. Our findings aim at promoting learning mechanisms.