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Public Relations

-Despite the organizations’ Catholic background, EF and BD do not participate in any form of proselytism and operate in areas with demographics of various religions. In the 1960s, a focus on Christian communities was current as the organization functioned through European missionaries. In the 1970s, EF and BD secularized while the reputation of the church was impaired by controversies concerning social revolution and liberation theology, from Brazil to the Philippines. 

-Both BD and EF have communication officers and policy units that are engaged in advocacy for social and economic justice in developing countries, often through studies and petitions. Moreover, both organizations seek to sensitize the wider Belgian public on sustainable development through lectures, social media, and notably, their Lent campaigns. BD has developed an extensive outreach program for Flemish students and has been active in high schools since 1964. According to Tom De Bruyn, the Belgian Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid endowed BD with 10% of its awareness raising budget (16.7 million euros) in 2009.