Axes thématiques

Thematic Focus

The main topics that Aid Watch develops are the following:
-Forced displacements: the challenges of a quantitative evaluation, the management of refugee camps, the procedure for asylum or for care, the invisible flows of illicit migration;
-War economies: a materialist and symbolic analysis of predation, import-export, arms smuggling, money laundering, remittances, performance of the transport and telecommunications infrastructures, autarky or openness to the global economy;
-The relations between NGOs and the military during peace operations: training, intelligence, the way the work is shared, the diversity of professional cultures;
-Peace building and reconstruction: demobilization of the combatants, rehabilitation of child-soldiers, consolidation of government institutions, especially in the judiciary, etc.
-Justice and peace in the aftermath of war: independence of the judges, conditions for amnesty, return of the refugees, problems of compensation, in particular regarding land issues;
-The military, political, social and economical role of refugees diasporas: transfers, oppositions in exile, links with the country of origin, criminal potential;
-The strategies for the implementation of humanitarian programs: conditions of involvement and withdrawal, follow-up after a program has been stopped;
-Evaluating the aid: identification of conflicts of interests between consultants, financial backers and NGOs, the outsiders’ intrusion (journalists, researchers, recipient populations), the place left to independent critics that are constructive and eager to point out problems without discrediting charitable motives.