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7) Links to the military

-Despite their strong advocacy against human rights violations by various armies, the FIDH and the French LDH recognise the need for the use of force and an international military presence to provide basic security for the civilian population in some areas of conflict. In November 2006, for instance, they ask for UN troops to intervene in Central Africa, where the fighting between governmental forces and rebels make a lot of casualties. This is accepted as long as such peace operations are anchored in the United Nations and follow civic authorities. But the FIDH and the French LDH condemn unilateral initiatives and on 20 March 2003 in Paris, they demonstrated against the US interventions in Iraq. Likewise, they are vigilant on the way peace operations are conducted. Thus they asked for a parliamentary investigation about the “Operation Licorne” in Ivory Coast and the role of the French Army, which killed demonstrators in Abidjan on 27th November 2004.