First Emergency

Première Urgence - Comments

3) The financial resources

-If we are to believe its reports, PU is quite aware of the military, political and economic implications of its programs in war-torn countries. Its mission in North Korea is one of the most questionable ones, considering the close control of Pyongyang’s dictatorship on the humanitarian logistics. The organization chose to be present in the country at a time when other NGOs, i.e. MSF, MDM and ACF, decided to leave it for lack of a free access to the famished populations. PU decided not to supply food in North Korea, and to target its programs so as to be able to avoid an excessive hijacking of aid. Generally speaking, the organization forbids its volunteers to give baksheesh to the combatants in exchange for an access to the victims. In Africa in particular, PU prefers to wait rather than to pay the warlords who are blocking its food and medical supplies.