Entraide et Fraternité / Broederlijk Delen

Entraide et Fraternité / Broederlijk Delen - History


-2000, Belgium: BD creates a Policy Unit that focuses explicitly and entirely on advocacy, from environmental concerns to the military occupation of Palestine. Before, its political work was mainly developed within the network of the Catholic Justice and Peace Commissions. 

-2001, Belgium: EF decides to hire a specialist to find other sources of funding because collections in churches for development programs fell from 150 to 100 million Belgian francs between 1993 and 2000 according to Gregor Stangherlin. 

-2004-2006, Belgium: EF supports an awareness program on civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights in developing countries. 

-From 2007, Peru: EF starts working with a women’s local NGO, Kallpa Para La Promoción Integral de La Salud y el Desarrollo, to support nutrition and food security for children under three years old in Lima. In the Cajamarca region, it also partners with GRUFIDES (Grupo de Formacíon e Intervencíon para el Desarrollo Sostenible) to provide judicial assistance to indigenous people who are arrested or fall victim to land expropriation. 

-2008, Belgium: EF undergoes restructuring to remain consonant with its regular donors. It mainly develops a less militant character in relation to the various programs it carries out. It also stops its co-managing practices with Action Vivre Ensemble, while maintaining exchanges between its southern partners and the network of AVE. 

-2009, Palestine and Israel: Together with CAFOD, the CCFD, Christian Aid, the FIDH, Medico International, Muslim Aid, Oxfam International, Trócaire and the British section of World Vision, BD condemns the attack of the Israel Defense Forces on the Gaza strip. Just before a meeting of European foreign affairs ministers in Prague, it also denounces the degradation of the sanitary situation and demands that the European Union suspends its cooperation with Israel until a humanitarian corridor to the occupied territory is secured and a ceasefire is accepted by all parties to the conflict.